Nakalele Blowhole

The Nakalele Blowhole is famous for producing powerful geyser-like spouts caused by wave and tidal action through underground lava tubes. Although very impressive it can be dangerous and several people have died by getting too close. It is a moderate hike to get down to the blowhole but it can be viewed nicely at a distance. Also, as the wind will most likely be blowing and the eruptions are prolific, you risk becoming soaked. Despite being spectacular close up, the blowhole can be safely and comfortably seen from one of the pullouts on the road. If you hike down to the blowhole, remember to stand back in order not to be inadvertently struck by the waves and sucked into the blowhole or the ocean. Click on the play button to see a short video of the blowhole.

Roger A Hoyer 12/2023 TAT W40883926-01