Note: Since the disasterous fire in Lahaina in August 2023, most most of the city is off limits to tourism. However such stores as Safeway, Longs, Walgreens and the Ace Hardware were not affected by the fire and are open for business.

Until it was moved to Honolulu, the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii was Lahaina. In the 19th century Lahaina was central to the whaling industry. Now it is the gateway to the famous resort areas on the west side of Maui: Kaanapali, Kahana, Napili, and Kapalua. Below is the famous Pioneer Inn that is adjacent to the Banyan Court Park.

Today Lahaina provides many restaurants and shops. The Great Buddha pictured below is 12-feet tall and made of copper and bronze. It is the largest of its kind outside of Japan and is the statue of Amida Buddha. It is located just north of the center of Lahaina on the ocean side of the road. It is part of the Lahaina Jodo Mission.

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